Students needing partnerships

The cost of sponsorship varies depending on your child's age, school and family situation:

  • English-Medium boarding student = $100 per month (includes full room and board)

  • English-Medium day student = $60 per month (includes uniform, food, transport, supplies) 

  • Government School (Swahili only, Primary or Secondary day student) = $40 per month (includes uniform, supplies, family food support)

Salim (2).JPG

Salim (seen with Aziza)

Salim is a 14-year old whose mother has died and who doesn't know who his father is. With such difficult circumstances, the Village Chairman took him into his home and is providing him with all the support he can afford. We've been asked to help in any way we can as Salim is responsible for all his brothers and sisters. He attends secondary school although has a 4 to 5 km walk to get there each day at the moment. Salim is at a perfect age to move to a private boarding school which would require a $100 a month sponsorship for this deserving young man.

(*English Medium Boarding School Student)

Kelvin (5).JPG


Kelvin is a 14-year old who is just recently orphaned. He has been identified by the headmistress of Msongola Primary School as a very deserving recipient of our help. He's a bright student who should be able to stay in school as long as possible. His situation, along with that of Hussan, has been identified as an emergency and our wonderful volunteer, Aziza, made a trip specially to deliver school supplies and assess his situation. Kelvin, like Salim, would benefit tremendously if he were able to transfer to a private boarding school at this stage of his education.                          

(*English Medium Boarding School Student)         



Joseph is 11 years old and is in Class 6 at Haradali Primary School. When his father died unexpectedly, his mother could no longer pay his school fees and asked Nakujali for help.

(*English Medium Boarding School  Student)