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Covid-19 in Tanzania

The first case of Coronavirus in Tanzania was diagnosed in Arusha on March 16th.  The government reacted quickly, and all schools, colleges, universities and educational facilities were closed the very next day, for a minimum of one month.  All of our boarding students suddenly had to be picked up and taken home or to stay with relatives, which we managed thanks to our dedicated local coordinators.  Those students with no family at all were given a temporary home by generous local friends of Nakujali.


Online learning is not an option for most schools in Tanzania.  Thankfully some of the better schools, including those we partner with, have started sending work home for students. The government has said that Easter break will be incorporated into the closure, and mid-term holidays shortened to minimize the loss of class time, so hopefully our students’ overall education will not suffer too much.


What will suffer terribly though, is their nutrition and health!   We count on the schools we have chosen to provide nutritious meals to the children, as well as access to basic nursing care when they are sick. Our students come from extremely impoverished families, living hand to mouth from subsistence farming, selling at local markets, or odd jobs to earn a small daily wage.  Self-isolating and social distancing are just not possible in these circumstances.  If they don’t go out, they don’t eat. In addition, many households have no running water, so regular hand-washing is not easy.  And of course, if they get sick, and can’t pay, they get no medical care. 


With your help, and the dedication of our invaluable local coordinators who are in regular contact with the children, our goal is to provide ongoing family food and health support to our families that are suffering extreme hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  Please consider even a small one-time donation to this cause.  Every penny makes a difference!


Happy Nakujali kids at Haradali Winners Secondary (above),  Macksen Primary (below left)  and Msongola Primary (below right) before the school closures.


Msongola Primary School (below)

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