partneR with a student

English is fast becoming the language of success and prosperity in Tanzania, yet government schools teach primarily in Swahili.  Private English-medium schools are common, but their fees (nominal by many countries' standards) are out of reach for the majority of impoverished Tanzanian families.  For a relatively small amount, you can offer a child in need an education in a good private school, setting them on the road to a better life.  For the many children without families, a boarding option can provide healthy food and safe lodging, as well as a structured living and study environment.


Sponsoring a youth through higher education can really change lives in big ways. Completing a secondary level education and continuing on to study at university or college gives a young adult a chance at a good job, financial independence,  and an ability to contribute to the prosperity of their whole community. 

What does this partnership mean for the sponsor?

When you choose to partner with a child through Nakujali, 100% of your money goes to supporting that child.  With Nakujali acting as an intermediary, the money you give will be paid directly to our partner schools. Receipts from the schools can be provided to you by email, if desired. 

Nakujali will also facilitate your personal support for your student, through the exchange of letters, emails, SMS, or phone calls.  You can have as much or as little contact as you are comfortable with. And if you ever want to visit your child, we can help with that too!

The cost of sponsorship varies depending on your child's age, school and family situation.

  • English-Medium boarding student = $100 per month (includes full room and board)

  • English-Medium day student = $60 per month (includes uniform, food, transport, supplies) 

  • Government School (Swahili only, Primary or Secondary day student) = $40 per month (includes uniform, supplies, family food support)

To sponsor a student, please contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp (see contact page). We will be happy to answer any questions, and discuss possiblities with you.

Students currently in partnerships


Livingstone (Livi)

Livingstone is 22 years old. With no real family to care for him, Livi was bumped around from house to house in his early childhood, until he was sponsored to go to boarding school. When his sponsorship ended after he completed O-level education, he had no place to live, no income, and no idea what to do, so Nakujali reached out to help him with the difficult transition to real independence.  Our Arusha coordinator helped him find a place to live, and research education options.  Thanks to his generous sponsors, he is currently completing a diploma in Computer Engineering, a field with excellent job prospects for the future. We are continuing to work closely with him on budgeting, and managing an adult life.  He has hope for the future, and is excited to embark on the next phase of his life. Livi thanks us and his sponsors almost daily, for caring about him.


Livingstone, at 11,  getting drinking water from a spring near the orphanage center. (With volunteer Sophie Wendling)