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Students currently in SUCCESSFUL partnerships


Livingstone (Livi)

Livingstone is 20 years old. With no real family to care for him, Livi was bumped around from house to house in his early childhood, until he was sponsored to go to boarding school. When his sponsorship ended after he completed O-level education, he had no place to live, no income, and no idea what to do, so Nakujali reached out to help him with the difficult transition.  Our Arusha coordinator helped him find a place to live, and research education options.  He is interested in computers, and thanks to sponsorship will be starting a diploma in Computer Engineering in Fall 2018. We are continuing to work closely with him on budgeting, and managing an adult life.  He has hope for the future, and is excited to embark on the next phase of his life. Livi thanks us and his sponsor-partners almost daily, for caring about him.



Junior is the oldest of 4 children.  He lives with his loving parents, who know the importance of a good education, but with their modest income, simply can not afford to pay school fees.  When we met them, they were taking out loans in order to provide him with the education he needs in order to be successful in life, and they asked Nakujali for help in finding a sponsor.  Junior is a delightful boy.  He is bright, polite and very curious about everything!  Junior loves biology and, with our help, dreams of becoming a doctor in the future.



Careen is an orphan, and when we met her, she was urgently in need of a sponsor to help her continue her secondary education. Since the death of her parents, she had been supported by a local friend, but due to family troubles of his own, he was no longer able to pay her school fees.  Without the help of her sponsor she would have had to leave school without graduating.  Thanks to sponsorship, Careen was able to continue, and is currently studying for O-levels at an outstanding English-medium boarding school, where she is getting regular meals, and a safe place to live, as well as an excellent education.  She is working hard and doing well, and is very grateful to her new sponsor.

Salum with school supplies.JPG

Aziza delivers lovely new school supplies to Hassan

Hassan's story is particularly tragic and heart-wrenching. He is 14 years old and lives with his aged grandmother and a mother who suffers from acute mental illness. At times his mother has run away from the family home and has been raped at least twice as a result. Hassan was born after one sexual attack and his six-year old sister after another one. The fathers are unknown as a result. Hassan walks 5-6 km to go to school but must come home early each day to help his grandmother. A kind donor recently purchased school supplies which we've provided but Hassan really needs ongoing sponsorship to ensure he continues at school. He is a victim of measles which causes intense itching and constant pain. You can see below the effect the illness has had on his hands. 

(Government Secondary School  Day Student)



Maulid was our first sponsored student. We first met him in a local  orphanage at the age of 12, and began sponsoring him to attend an English-medium boarding school in Arusha - a decision we will never regret!  He has proven himself to be a very bright, hard-working, dedicated student.  He is also extremely funny, inquisitive, and has an astounding memory! Maulid is now 21 years old, and is currently doing his A-levels at a good boarding school in Moshi, studying History, Geography & Economics.  He is hoping to study Geology at University in the future.



Frank is 11 years old and lives with his mother, who is not in good health.  What little money they can get goes towards medical bills for her care.  When we first visited Frank,  he and his mother were living in very poor housing conditions and suffering from poor nutrition. The care and generosity of his new Nakujali sponsor will make a huge difference to his life, providing everything he needs to attend school, as well as regular nutritious food to ensure his success.




Abuu is 11years old  and is studying at Msongola primary school outside of Dar es Salaam. He lives  alone with his grandmother, in very difficult conditions.  Nonetheless, he is a pleasant, smiling young man. When we first met Abuu, he told us that much of the time he was alone at home while his grandmother worked hard to find some means of keeping them alive.  More often than not, they lived with constant hunger.  Now that Abuu has a Nakujali sponsor, he and his grandmother can look forward to a much better life.

(*Government school day student)

Abuu outside the mud hut he shares with his Grandmother.


Magdalena is 12 years old and in Class Four. She and her elderly grandmother don't have a home of their own at present and must constantly find new places to sleep at night. Having no permanent housing poses challenges for basic survival and, as one might expect, these circumstances often affect Magdalena's performance at school. Having found a sponsor will make a huge difference to the life of this bright young person!

(*Government school day student)



Sikuzani is 13 years old, studying at Msongola Primary School in Class Seven. She is among the best students in the school but sometimes has to miss activities because of an inability to pay. There are six people in her family and her father is very ill at the moment. She is very happy to have found a generous sponsor at last.

(*English-medium boarding student)



Nuru is the 16-year old big sister of one of our other sponsored students, Nassor.  We met Nuru on a home visit to the small mud house where they live with their father who is blind, a baby brother, their grandmother, three aunties and six cousins. While we were there, Nuru shyly showed us her elementary school leaving certificate, and asked us whether it was possible for  us to help her too to find a sponsor.  She had graduated from Class Seven at Msongola Primary School in 2018 but failed to pursue her secondary school studies, because her family was unable to pay her fees.  Thanks to her generous sponsor, Nuru is now living in Dar es Salaam and attending her first year of secondary school!  The gift of secondary education will give Nuru a chance at a life beyond  what she dared to hope!

Calvin, Emanuel and Herman.JPG

 Calvin and Emanuel

Calvin (left) and Emanual (centre) are two brothers pictured here with their good friend Herman. Herman's grandmother, Bibi, has been kind enough to take the boys in when they're not attending school, as was the case during the Covid-19 lock-down last year. You can watch a video to see them helping Herman and his brother Eric build animal shelters outside Bibi's house, a project that will help earn money for the household. 

Rukia Idd Mrisho.JPG


Rukia is 12 years old, in Class 3 and lives with her grandmother.  She is a very bright and hardworking student - number one in her class! Rukia now has a sponsor to make sure she eats well, and has the school supplies and fees she needs to continue her education.

(*Government school day student)         



Twelve-year old Amina is in Class Four at Msongola School. She lives with her grandmother as her mother died when she was very young. Her grandmother struggles to find enough work to provide for Amina's basic needs, let alone the funds she needs for school.

Salumu Hassan Maramoja.JPG


Salum is 13 years old, and is in Secondary Form 1 at Kilangalanga School. He lives with his mother, who is struggling with mental illness. After graduating in 2019, Salum enrolled in a government boarding school where the school fees are Tzs. 450,000 to 500,00 (about $270 - $300 CDN) per year. When he couldn’t pay this, it looked like Salum wouldn’t be pursuing secondary education until a ward commissioner stepped in. The commissioner transferred him to a nearby day school where he was granted late entry. He still has school and facilities fees to pay at the new school.        


                                   (*Government school day student)         



Shafii is 13 years old and a very charming, talkative boy who is absolutely interested in learning about everything!  He lives alone with his mother in an extremely poverty-stricken village outside of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Shafii has recently completed his primary schooling and is hoping to start the secondary education that will really change his life, and give him hope of a better future!  We are looking for sponsors willing to contribute the additional $85 per month Shafii needs to cover his new school fees, food and lodging.

(*English Medium Boarding School  Student) 



When we first learned about Tatu's situation she was 10 years old.  She had been living with her grandmother in an impoverished village outside Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, attending a local government primary school.  Unfortunately her grandmother wasn't able to afford the required school uniform, supplies and money for food so Tatu often couldn't go to school.  When she did go, she went to school hungry, which affected her attention in class and her performance in school.  Thanks to her Nakujali sponsor, Tatu received the consistent nutrition and education that is so necessary for a better future.

Now we've deemed Tatu deserving of attendance at the English Medium Boarding School and she is again looking for sponsors to make this next step in her education journey possible.

(*English Medium Boarding School  Student)  



Aziza is an extremely bright, determined, and charismatic young woman. But when her father died unexpectedly, she was devastated. Not only was he her hero, but her family's only wage earner.  Aziza's family was evicted from their rented home, and had no income to provide a home or food.  Without his support, her dreams of pursuing higher education seemed to have died as well.  When Aziza contacted Nakujali, she had lost all hope, but thanks to generous donors at Vancouver Island University, we were able to find the family a home, and provide a modest food budget as well as fees for university applications. Aziza was so excited she immediately joined Nakujali as a very dedicated volunteer! She is wonderful with the younger Nakujali children.  Aziza is currently studying at the prestigious Institute of Finance Management in Dar Es Salaam and for the moment is fully sponsored with tuition fees, food, and accommodation costs.

See Aziza's update on her life in her own words under "What's New"!


Herman and Eric

Herman and Eric are brothers.  Until recently, they lived with their father and their grandmother.  When their father was suddenly killed in a traffic accident they and their grandmother found themselves homeless.  When we met them, they were staying in a cement hut, with no electricity or furniture, relying on the generosity of a neighbour's church for food.  They had completely lost hope. When we told the grandmother Nakujali would help them with rent, food and a small amount of capital to start a home business, the grandmother was overcome with tears of gratitude.  And, of course, we offered to look for sponsors so that the boys could attend a good English-medium school as day students and get the education they need to empower them for the future.  They are now sponsored by a generous family in Port Coquitlam.  Both Herman and Eric are doing extremely well in school (see new information on the boys under "What's New").  Herman's goal for the future is to be a pilot, and to donate his first pay to Nakujali so they can help other kids like him!

(*English-medium day students)

Husna Nassor Juma.JPG


Husna is 14 years old and is in the graduate class, Grade 7. She is set to advance to Form 1 at the next level of her education.

(*English-medium boarding student)



Sophia currently lives with her grandmother who is elderly and not really able to support a young woman. Sophia graduated in 2019 and, like Salum, also enrolled in a government school with fees that were beyond her means. She too was helped by the ward commissioner who arranged her late entry to a day school. Finding the funds to cover even those school fees is a challenge for Sophia's grandma.


                                     (*Government school day student)         


Vincent Nov 2022_edited.jpg


When we first met Vincent, he was 11 years old. He's the half-brother of our wonderful on-site volunteer and alumna, Aziza, and along with their brothers and sisters, both were devastated when their beloved father died, leaving a family of orphans. One of our generous sponsors stepped up to support Vincent as he attended primary school. 


Vincent is now 14 years old.  He is a friendly and active boy who loves to play soccer!  He has recently completed his primary schooling. Now that same gracious person has increased her monthly donation to make Vincent's attendance at a secondary boarding school possible. This will really change his life, and give him hope of a better future!  


Faraja and Furaha

Faraja and Furaha are beautiful, shy 5-year-old twins.  The girls' father, who had a good job as a driver, died recently from HIV-related illness, leaving them with a home, but no source of income.  Their mother, a housewife,  is doing odd jobs to earn what she can for food, but there is no money for school fees.  These lovely girls  both now have caring sponsors through Nakujali, and are attending an excellent English-medium school, where they get a good education and regular meals.  Faraja, Furaha and their Mom are very grateful for the love they are receiving from the other side of the world.



Leila is Aziza's 3-year-old sister. Before the death of their father, she was attending nursery school, but was pulled out due to lack of funds for school fees.   So Aziza begged Nakujali to help her. In Tanzania education starts young and the system is very regimented. Kids who begin schooling late get behind, and often aren't accepted into good schools. Thanks to her loving sponsor, Leila will get the opportunity she needs to follow in her big sister's footsteps towards a better future.

(*English-medium day student)


Novesta & Bestina

Novesta and Bestina are 15-year-old twin sisters who came to Nakujali's attention when we were in Arusha in spring 2019.  Our Arusha coordinator, Baptista, had been keeping an eye on them, knowing that their mother was very ill, and that they had already lost their father.  Their mother has since passed away, leaving them with no family to care for them. Both girls are doing well in school and speak wonderful English.  Novesta wants to be a doctor, and Bestina wants to be a soldier.  Thanks to a very generous Nakujali sponsor, both girls are  getting the education, food, lodging and care that they need to move toward a better future.

(*English-Medium Boarding students)



Angel was 13 years old when we met her, and was  just completing her final year at a local government primary school. Her mother, a single parent, who survives by doing digging for local farmers in exchange for food and a place to live, was unable to support Angel's success in education. Her mother lacked money to buy medicine and food so most of time they went to bed hungry.  Angel often failed to go to school due to poor nutrition which made her more vulnerable to diseases such as typhoid and Malaria.  While working to find a sponsor for Angel, Nakujali was able to provide food and medical support, as well as school supplies and uniforms purchased with donations.   But now that she has a a dedicated sponsor,  Angel has the opportunity she needed to continue her education  at the secondaryl level.  She is currently attending an English-medium boarding school, where she gets regular meals, a good bed, and an education that will give her hope for a brighter future.

(*English-Medium Boarding student)

PHOTO-2019-11-14-07-49-37 2_edited.jpg


Deus is a medical student at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU), a well-respected medical school in Dar es Salaam. After finishing his National A-level Examinations with a first division

designation in chemistry, biology, and physics (an outstanding achievement!), Deus was honoured to be selected to study medicine at HKMU. Unfortunately, his parents, who are subsistence farmers in northern Tanzania with three other children, didn’t have a hope of being able to pay the university fees.  Deus was desolate.  Then, he was recommended to Nakujali Education Partnerships, as a hardworking young man worthy of our support, and so Nakujali took him in.  Deus' university costs have been fully covered thanks to the generosity of the medical community in Nanaimo, B.C., along with other committed sponsors.




Sabrina is 13 years old and thanks to her sponsor, is now able to attend boarding school after completing primary grades. Her parents, who are farmers, struggle hard in order to give their children an education. They believe education is the source of change, and were very worried about Sabrina's ability to go on when they couldn't afford to pay for her secondary schooling. Sabrina works hard and dreams of learning to speak and understand English. She knows this is the way to a better future, and is thankful to her sponsor for helping pave her way there.



Ashura first came to our attention when she was 11 years old and in Class Three. She's now 14 and currently in Class Five. She lives with her aunt, who is HIV positive, and her grandmother. Her father died when Ashura was very young and we have no information about her mother. Ashura was struggling to understand school work because her home environment is so difficult. Her needs for school have been met by her kind sponsor on a continuous basis for the past three years. 

                                    (*Government school day student)  


Twalib Elias

Recently graduated from Msongola Primary School.Twalib is 14 and is now at a secondary school that requires boarding. His fees total $100 per month.      



Daudi is 10 years old and in Class Three. He comes from a family of seven, living with both parents. The family is very poor and struggle with the challenge of providing the basics for all their children.  Their is nothing left to put towards their education.

(*Government school day student)


Leonia with Aziza in February

Leonia is a 13-year old girl from the far away lake regions who arrived at Msongola village in the company of an unidentified woman. The plan was for Leonia to take a job of a house girl but she was abandoned before that could happen. The people brought her to the village chairman who learned Leonia's village sends children to work to support their families. The chairman has asked us to help her finish her primary education, at least, if at all possible.

(*Government school day student)       



Our Nakujali coordinator, Aziza, met Nassor when he was 10 years old and in standard three at a local government school.  His living conditions at the time brought Aziza to tears.  Nassor lived with his father, who is blind, and his elderly grandmother who, in spite of her physical handicaps, was attempting to support the family.  They were getting no help from the government. Thankfully, we pair Nassor with a caring Nakujali sponsor to make sure he can get the education, health care, and food he needs.

Now, in 2022, Nassor is 13 years old and has graduated from the government private school he was attending. He'd like to step up to four years of secondary education and we're looking for sponsors to subsidize the monthly amount he already receives.

(*English Medium Boarding School  Student)  

Nassor  three years ago at age 10, with his father & grandmother in their home

Nassor age 10 in 2019

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