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What Are We Up To?​

Interview With our Medical Student, Deus

Raising chickens and Rabbits!

Erick, Herman, Emanuel and Calvin are hard at work building a chicken coop all by themselves. The chickens will produce eggs for Bibi and the boys, and they'll sell them in Bibi's shop. 

Job well done! The coop is ready and the chickens have moved in. Emanuel gets a fright when they peck hungrily as he loads feed in their bucket! Baptista explains the construction process.

The boys are back at work, this time on a rabbit hutch. 

The rabbit hutch is done and some lovely rabbits are making it their home! They'll eventually be sold at the market to help support the family.

message from aziza



Hello to everyone. My name is Aziza John and I would like to extend my distinguish thanks to all people who raised my hopes and happiness since that day one where my life was a total messy and full of dark having no light to go on. You as one, you joined your hands and took a sense of humor in your unity. You made me get a new hope of life and above all the right to education which was among the things I believe will make me make it.

Again am so grateful for your love for in the year 2018, I managed to join my bachelor degree in Accounting and business and currently am in my second year of studies. I now get a right to education, peace of mind, education facilities, and other necessities a person would want for a survival. Surely there is no a perfect words which could explain my gratitude towards your devotions in my life, for I understand you had to sacrifice a lot in order for me to get the chance to education. Thank you so much my family, I love you so much and out here I promise you my tirelessly efforts in studying to make a better vision of adults who can make a change to the words.

Today I write this note to let you know that your efforts is never going in vain for back here am studying hard and still promising you to do it more until the sky to become my limits. My sincerely request is please never get tired of lifting and supporting me up, for the shining stars in my clouds, and heroes in my life race, I wish all good health, prosperity and abundance blessings.



Aziza John

Aziza Photo.JPG
From one family to another
Herman and Lego.JPG

Just about a year ago, my sister Helen told our family about a little boy in Tanzania who needed a sponsor. Herman, on the left, was eight and had just been taken in by his grandmother because both his parents had died. He needed a sponsor to help cover his school costs. But Herman had a big brother, Eric, who was also looking for a sponsor. My daughter Fiona said we couldn't sponsor one without the other.


That's how our family connected with theirs. We've been getting news of their grandmother, their bibi, too! Fiona and I had so much fun buying Christmas presents to send, picking out chocolates and Lego sets, which have been a big hit. 


We were thrilled to see how well "big brother" Eric did, finishing in the top five students at the end of elementary school. What a difference our donations have made in a short time! Having enough to eat and a secure place to live is essential. Eric went on to excel in his exams last summer and earned a spot in a prestigious boarding school in Arusha.


Now, with both boys home at Bibi's, they're the proud owners of new bunk beds (see the video on the left) which they're sharing with two friends who are also home from school now coronavirus is threatening their community. 


We love doing whatever we can to help. Eric and Herman are like the little brothers Fiona always wished she had! It's so much more interesting than donating to a big, corporate strategy. We know exactly what our money is doing and we see the results right away!

Katie McWhirter

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